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How a Jewelry Store Responded to a Deceptive 1-Star Review November 14, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Online reviews can significantly impact a company's reputation. For retailers, it can lead to losing new and existing customers. Reviews are also a deciding factor for potential customers — a negative review can lead to customers refusing to complete a purchase from the business.

[Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya via Pexels]

While fake reviews are generally associated with positive responses, there are instances when customers leave a 1-star review for the slightest inconvenience, if not to sabotage the business.

Something similar happened to a Reddit user who shared a screenshot of a customer review on the platform.

Per the review, the customer accused the business of identity theft, charging them for items they never purchased.

"They got my information and charged jewelry on my credit card. Do not give them your information," the person wrote in the review, according to a post.

In its reply to the review, the business questioned the reviewer, explaining everything that happened.

"[name crossed out] we are deeply saddened that you felt you needed to post a negative review about our company online," the business said in the response. "You were a victim of identity theft and it was not a fault of [store's name crossed out] and sadly we were both victims."

"As you are aware and we physically showed you evidence of an individual who came to our store with a fake ID saying they were you, a fake credit card with your name on it and used a Synchrony account with your name and address attached to it to attempt to buy a piece of jewelry. We flagged the purchase immediately and did not release the jewelry and refunded your card immediately," the company continued in the response.

"You personally called us 'Hero's' [sic] in our store and said you were going to 'Tell the news how appreciative you were of us for catching the fraud before it was too late.' We have cameras in our store that recorded you in our offices saying this. You knew it was not a fault of ours but for some reason still felt the need to post this. If possible for you to and see it in your heart to be able to do so, please remove this negative review," the response added.

The above example was one way of dealing with bad reviews. Learn more about this review in the entire report.

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