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How Greenwich St. Jewelers Became a Testament to Resilience and Elegance January 09, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In the bustling streets of Tribeca, Manhattan, stands a symbol of resilience and elegance: Greenwich St. Jewelers. Co-owned by sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale, this store is a business and a legacy handed down by their parents, who originally opened it in 1976 on Greenwich Street in the Wall Street area.

As noted in a Forbes report, Jennifer and Christina have redefined the family business over the years. Their journey includes overcoming the challenges of 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, showcasing their remarkable strength and business acumen. In 2022, they expanded their legacy by opening a new Tribeca location housed in Manhattan's second-oldest cast-iron building.

The new store, a blend of history and modernity, features customized displays, original artwork, and a range of designers and bridal brands. Inspired by a classic Manhattan railroad apartment, its interior is sectioned into 'rooms,' offering a unique experience to customers as they explore over 40 independent designers' creations.

Jennifer describes the store's philosophy in the report as "luxury without pretension." The layout is designed to emulate a sumptuous home, inviting customers into a world where each jewel is more than just an accessory; it transmits memories and emotions.

Paying homage to the building's heritage, the store, known as the Obsidian House, built in 1857, integrates historical elements into its design. The original facade and brick arch have been meticulously restored, reflecting the sisters' dedication to preserving history.

Artistic elements further enrich the store's ambiance. The report adds that the brass vitrines, the VIP room reminiscent of an outdoor terrace, and the restroom adorned with ginkgo leaf tiles all pay tribute to the sisters' ancestry. Custom mica-flecked plaster walls, art installations, and a chandelier resembling a jumble of hanging chains add to the store's unique character.

Learn more about the store in the entire Forbes report.

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