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Louis Vuitton Debuts ‘Gaston-Louis Vuitton’ Jewelry Line Inspired by Founder’s Grandson January 09, 2024 (0 comments)


Paris, France--Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has unveiled "Les Gastons Vuitton," an 18-piece fine jewelry collection. This new series, primarily aimed at men, pays homage to Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the founder's grandson, known for his erudition, creativity, and humor.

Francesca Amfitheatrof, the artistic director of watches and jewelry at Louis Vuitton, shared insights with WWD about the inspiration behind the collection. Gaston-Louis, born in 1883, was an avid collector and inventor, significantly contributing to the brand's legacy with his trunks and creative input collection. Despite his early health challenges, he developed a rich interest in various cultures and became a prolific collector, shaping the brand's identity.

Per the report, Amfitheatrof drew parallels between Gaston-Louis's characteristics and the modern male clientele's attributes – curiosity, a connection with the arts, and an openness to non-traditional male pursuits. This collection, named as a blend of Gaston's first name and the French word for 'boys,' aims to reflect the multifaceted personality of its namesake and its wearers.

The line includes pieces like the Puzzle Titanium ring, inspired by Gaston-Louis's love for mind puzzles. In addition, the Collier Goumette nods to popular Cuban link bracelets, and the collection's color palette, mainly the dark blue titanium, is a tribute to denim and the classic navy blue of menswear.

The report notes that "Les Gastons Vuitton" is divided into three thematic chapters: "The Creators," "The Collectors," and "The Curious." Each chapter encapsulates a different aspect of Gaston-Louis's personality and interests. "The Creators" features a puzzle ring and a pendant that doubles as a draftsman pencil. "The Collectors" includes traditional male jewelry pieces such as signet rings and tag necklaces, while "The Curious" is inspired by Louis Vuitton's iconic trunks.

Though marketed as a men's collection, Amfitheatrof emphasizes its unisex appeal, likening it to the universal wearability of denim jeans. The collection ranges in price from 1,900 euros for a single Trunk diamond stud earring to 145,000 euros for the Masterpiece Gourmet white gold necklace, featuring over 13 carats of white diamonds.

"Les Gastons Vuitton" is now available in selected Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, within the fine jewelry selection and men's collections, and on the brand's website. Amfitheatrof also hinted at future explorations into Gaston-Louis Vuitton's toy designs for potential jewelry inspiration.

Learn more in the WWD report.

[Images by Louis Vuitton via WWD]

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