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How To Connect with Your Jewelry Customers and Generate More Leads Online October 06, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Having a digital presence is an essential part of running a jewelry store business in today’s environment. Your website is a critical to your company and your brand. While some “old-time” jewelers are focused on their retail store, they miss critical opportunities to connect with their audience. This is especially true for younger customers who may never step foot inside an actual physical location. For millennials, generations X, Y, and Z much of their shopping is done online.  How you interact with them will determine your success.

Here are 4 steps to connect with your jewelry audience more effectively, no matter which online platform you engage them on.

1. Use a CRM system.

A CRM system, known as Customer Relationship Management, is a central repository for all your customer information. This includes both current and past purchases, as well as custom notes and interactions you’ve had with each person. It can even include segmentation and which campaigns they’ve been targeted with. This is how you nurture your leads and personalize your marketing.

Anything to do with your customer can be put into a CRM system and it can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your jewelry business. CRM is the foundation with which all your sales and marketing efforts are built upon. It gives each employee of your jewelry store a full and complete view of the customer and makes it extremely easy for them to meet their needs. After all, the jewelry industry is a service business and having a CRM system is the first step to ensuring quality service.

2. Connect on social media.

Some people may feel that social media is an “impersonal” medium, but nothing could be further from the truth! To many, social media is the most personal marketing channel available.  It’s where you can really get to know each and every one of your customers. Where else can you learn about the type of person they are, what they’re interested in, and what their favorite styles are? Social media gives you intelligence about your audience you can’t get elsewhere. 

The best way to connect on social media is to simply have fun.  Give customers what they want.  Everybody loves to see “behind-the-scenes” of your jewelry store and get a sneak preview. 

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to start a discussion or converse with your customers. If someone comes to your social media page and leaves a comment, it means that they’re interested. Use this as a chance to get to know your customers better. Engaging dialogue builds trust with your fans and followers and shows others that you care. 

Encourage people to reach out through a private direct message (DM) if they want to chat further. Use every communications tool available that social media provides to connect with your customers however they like.

3. Respond to customer concerns.

Every interaction with your customer is a chance for your jewelry business to shine.  Negative feedback, bad reviews, or complaints can be just as valuable as positive ones.  You will learn a lot more from an irate customer than you ever will from a happy one.  Someone who has had a bad experience with your store isn’t going to hold-back.  They’ll tell you exactly what went wrong and how to fix it.

Successful jewelers are a success because they know how to turn negative customers around. They read all feedback they get, listen carefully to customer concerns, and respond in a timely manner to everyone. When something bad happens and the experience is less than ideal, time is of the essence. How quickly you respond often determines the outcome.  Remember, it’s better to solve an issue early than to let it grow, consuming too much time, energy, and resources. You can better spend your efforts moving onto other sales than to fight a situation that you can’t win.

4. Follow-up with everyone.

Following-up and doing what you promise to do are an easy way to earn customer appreciation. No one likes to complain about their experience with a company only to be met with silence. 

The number one rule of customer service is to listen carefully and make sure that the customer feels heard. Half the battle is fully understanding what the issue is, and to do that you need to follow-up with each and every customer. This advice applies not only to everyone who contacts you, but you should be actively reaching out and contacting your customers. 

After someone makes a purchase at your jewelry store, follow-up with them with either a phone call or email or both! Ask how their experience was and if they would recommend your store to others.  Did everything go smoothly?  Were there any issues?  How can you do better?  These are all great questions to ask.  Not many jewelers bother to do this once the sale is made. By simply reaching out to your customers, you build a reputation of trust and integrity, two things that money or advertising can never buy.

No matter which strategy you begin with or how you connect with your customers, always remember that everyone you come in contact with (both in-person and online) could become a lead. Jewelry is universally loved by men and women of all ages, every one of them has the potential to be your next customer.

Talk to the experts. If you are wondering how you can improve your leads and connect digitally with clients, contact us to speak with our marketing specialists about your customer connection goals, and we will make it happen!

Emmanuel Raheb is the Founder and CEO of Smart Age Solutions, a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in the fine jewelry industry. Smart Age’s mission is to grow independent jewelers and help them in their own backyard by running successful digital ad campaigns for clients and developing their web presence. Smart Age Solutions also advises, conducts webinars, and provides unpublished data from Google for its clients. Today, Smart Age Solutions has become synonymous with elevating standards by bringing innovation, strategy and is the agency of record for many of the industry’s leading retailers and enterprise brands. 

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