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How To Create The Simple-Minded Customer |  August 14, 2013 (0 comments)


Tallahassee, FL—After discussing the demanding customer, the analytical customer, and the guarded customer, we close out our series about the four basic customer types by focusing on our main goal: creating the simple-minded customer. No, we don’t mean one that’s naïve or challenged; we mean one that knows you well and simply trusts that you have their best interest in mind.

Every customer you sell has the potential to become a simple-minded customer. Once the bond of trust is created, these are the ones who become the foundation of your loyal customer base. By meeting their needs and giving them an amazing experience, they no longer see you as an opponent or as someone trying to “sell” them, but as a trusted friend.

It goes beyond just meeting their needs as we discussed in the previous four articles. In order to create such a customer, you must give them a memorable experience. Everything I teach is designed to create such an experience for your customer. In this article I will share the three main ingredients to set you apart from every other sales associate. Add these three ingredients into meeting their needs, and you will create an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

The first ingredient is passion with energy. This is the fuel that drives you to greatness. When you sell with an intense focus and desire to please your customer, amazing things happen. Selling with passion and energy is like giving your customer a rare gift. With all the stresses and demands of the modern world, many customers come into your store with their passion and energy tanks low. The experience you give them will help fill up their emotional energy tank.

Here are some questions that will answer if you are selling with passion and energy. Does your tone of voice have energy and excitement? Is your body language telling your customer that you are happy to see them? Does your eye contact let them know you are truly interested in what they have to say? Doing these few things well can make a big difference in your passion and energy levels.

The second ingredient changed my career: the ability to put on an amazing show for your customer. When you meet their individual needs and sell with passion and energy you no longer become a traditional sales professional. You become a performer as well as a sales professional. If you really want to separate yourself from the pack, learn to create a “show time” experience for your customer.

Keep in mind that today’s society loves to be entertained, yet this is missing from the sales floor. It’s time for something new and different. Greatness is found when you take what is successful and build on it.

The last ingredient is the power of serving your customer. Is your sales presentation really all about your customer, or are you more focused on commission and the amount of the sale? If you make the sale all about the customer, loyalty is created. You do this by serving your customer while selling them. There are many common ways to do this—clean and inspect their jewelry, send cards for their special occasions, and so forth—but enough salespeople don’t do these simple things that it will set you apart if you do.

This is the vision of the modern day sales associate. Times have changed and with it so have our customers’. No longer does the standard sales routine of “greet, show features and benefits, overcome objections and close the sale” lead to success. These things are still important but everybody else is doing the same thing. If you want to truly make a difference and set yourself apart, I challenge you to apply the things we have discussed. What you will find will be more than just an increase in sales and salary. It will be the satisfaction that you receive making a difference in other people’s lives.

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