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How To Follow Up With Leads After A Jewelry Trade Show |  February 22, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Jewelry trade shows are one of the best face-to-face marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.  Nothing can replace the in-person experience when you want to establish a strong presence and cement your reputation.  There’s no bigger impact or better return on your investment than attending a jewelry show.

Here are 4 reasons why trade shows are so powerful:

1. Everyone who attends a trade show is looking to grow their business.

2. Everyone wants to meet new people and network within the industry.

3. Everyone who attends the show has the shared experience of being there which creates a common bond.

4. Everyone always has fun and is in a good mood.

But, attending a jewelry trade show is only half the battle – your work has just begun.  According to research from Lynch Exhibits, 98% of exhibitors collect sales leads at trade shows but less than 70% have a plan in place to follow-up with their leads.  Don’t let this be you.

What you do when you leave the show will ultimately determine your success.  With clear business goals and a solid marketing plan in place, you can make the most out of every lead you collect.  Here’s how:

1. Enter each lead into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

If you’re not using a CRM system already, you should be.  Long gone are the days when saving business cards and scraps of paper were the norm.  Input every lead you collect so it can be followed-up sooner rather than later.  Don’t just dump data into your CRM system.  Segment and tag each one appropriately so you can easily sort it later.  Spending a few minutes in the beginning to get yourself organized will pay much bigger dividends later.

2. Follow-up with an email marketing campaign.

It’s important within the first week after the trade show to follow-up your leads.  Create a series of drip marketing campaigns to keep everyone warm.  Your goal is to re-introduce yourself, remind them of what you offer, re-engage them, and repeat the process over time.

For extremely hot leads (people who are eager to buy), you’ll want to contact each lead personally.  Do this in addition to your drip campaigns.  It never hurts to be seen many times, and most prospects require multiple contacts before a sale is made.

3. Align your sales and marketing teams to improve your success.

To maximize every trade show lead you’ll want to make sure that your sales and marketing teams are in perfect alignment.  Marketing is what brings the traffic to your booth, but sales is what converts that traffic into a customer.  Remember, it’s everyone’s job to close the deal.  No matter how big or small your team is, there’s an important role to play.  Make sure they’re on the same page.

4. Be sure to thank everyone who visited your booth.

Whether it’s through social media, email, text, or phone, a simple thank you goes a long way.  People remember the small details.  This becomes even more important when you consider that out of the hundreds of people they’ve met and thousands who’ve attended the jewelry show, you were one of the few people who actually said “thank you”.  How powerful is that?!  No amount of money can buy good manners.

5. Create related content to highlight the event.

Jewelry trades shows are the perfect place to create great content you can use later on social media, in your email marketing campaigns or on your website.  Share what’s happening behind-the-scenes at your booth or give your fans a sneak-peak at a new collection.  You can even go live and generate buzz and excitement with your audience.  People love to feel like they’re in the middle of the action from the comfort of their phone.

It’s true that jewelry trade shows are what you make of them.  How much effort you put into your trade show marketing is exactly what you’ll get in return.  Make the most of every moment and maximize your potential.  Never let a good lead go to waste.  You never know who just might stop by.  The next person you meet could become your greatest customer.  

About Smart Age Solutions:

Emmanuel Raheb is the Founder and CEO of Smart Age Solutions, a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in the fine jewelry industry. Smart Age’s mission is to grow independent jewelers and help them in their own backyard by running successful digital ad campaigns for clients and developing their web presence. Smart Age Solutions also advises, conducts webinars, and provides unpublished data from Google for its clients. Today, Smart Age Solutions has become synonymous with elevating standards by bringing innovation, strategy and is the agency of record for many of the industry’s leading retailers and enterprise brands. 

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