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How To Use Social Media To Drive Sales To Your Jewelry Business |  October 06, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Social media continues to change the way we do business. The numbers don’t lie. Of all activity online, 22 percent of time is spent on Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels. It’s estimated that two-thirds of people regularly visit social media as part of their daily life, and use it to research or share information about products and services they’re interested in. And, of course, this includes jewelry!

Here are five tips to maximize your jewelry sales from social media.

1. Engage with your audience in real-time.

Social media is a highly interactive channel and your jewelry business needs to be too.  Engage with your audience on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere as much as possible.  Answer their questions.  Respond to their comments.  Go on their profile to explore their feed and see what jewelry styles they’re reposting.  Use social media to spot design trends.  Get a conversation going.  The more you interact with your audience, the more they’ll interact with you.  This is how you build trust and grow your following.  But, above all else, be approachable and accessible.  Remain human.

2. Leverage social media ads.

Posting content on social media is no longer enough to get your jewelry business noticed.  With increasing cuts to post reach by all of the social media networks and the unforgiving algorithms always tinkering with people’s feeds, there’s no guarantee that your marketing message will ever be seen. 

To gain traction, you need to leverage paid social media ads.  Start with a small budget of $500 to $1,000 a month and grow from there.  With social media advertising, you want to aim for at least a 4 to 5 times return on ad spend or even higher.  You do this by using a combination of ad optimization, monitoring and bidding until you create a winning formula that works for you. 

You need to watch your costs closely to ensure that your average order amount increases as your campaign spend levels rise.  Spending too little or too much on social media ads can be detrimental to your jewelry business.   You don’t want to overspend, but you have to spend enough to get the needle to move.  Spend too little and you’re just wasting money.  It’s a balance that must be carefully coordinated.  Go for it and don’t be afraid to get started!

3. Create offers only for social media.

An easy way for you to measure your success on social media is to create coupons or discounts which are unique to each social channel.  This way you know where your jewelry sales are coming from.    If you don’t want to use a percentage-off strategy, you can try running a contest to encourage sharing of your social media posts.  You want to make each audience feel special, no matter which channel.  Give them a coupon, discount or promo code unique to them.   This creates audience loyalty because they never know what you’re going to offer them next.  Everybody loves a great deal and they tell people about it!

4. Capture email subscribers.

Use social media to capture new email subscribers and grow your mailing list.  Most people don’t buy on their first visit to a website.  A recent Marketo study found that 96% of site visitors are not ready to make an immediate purchase. They’re doing their research or just browsing styles.  They may not even have an event, special occasion or reason to buy.  But, they’re interested in jewelry. They came to your site for a “reason” and you want to be the reason why they come back.

Your first step is to incentivize people to join your mailing list.  Make them a special email-only offer. Give them a free gift. Keep your sign-up form simple. Do whatever it takes to convince your visitors to subscribe to your list and stay in touch with you.

An easy way to reach your audience is through a weekly email newsletter.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Shorter is sometimes better.  Show favorite styles from social media which have performed well, new jewelry designers you just got in your store, or include special offers.

Think about how much money you spend to get a new visitor to your website, then think about how many visitors it takes to make a sale.  Do the math.  It pays to capture as many emails as possible. 

5. Share customer photos.

Customers who love your jewelry really love to show it off. Share your customers' photos with your audience. Repost them on social media and don’t be afraid of the reaction.  People crave authenticity.  Pure, natural content always performs better than staged, stuffy content. 

There are often diminishing returns if your photos are too perfect.  The jewelry won’t seem real or attainable.  It’s good to have a mix of different styles of photographs because it adds to your credibility and creates trust with your audience.

In conclusion, social media is a powerful way to grow your jewelry sales, but you need to stay consistent.  Use these five tips above to get started.  The best way to maximize your marketing efforts is to decide how many hours per week you can invest in social media and stick to a regular schedule.  The more time you put into each channel, the more sales you’ll make and the more successful you’ll become.  Do this and you’ll soon start seeing your likes, shares and followers skyrocket along with your business!

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Emmanuel Raheb is the Founder and CEO of Smart Age Solutions, a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in the fine jewelry industry. Smart Age’s mission is to grow independent jewelers and help them in their own backyard by running successful digital ad campaigns for clients and developing their web presence. Smart Age Solutions also advises, conducts webinars, and provides unpublished data from Google for its clients. Today, Smart Age Solutions has become synonymous with elevating standards by bringing innovation, strategy and is the agency of record for many of the industry’s leading retailers and enterprise brands. 

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