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IAC’s 13th International Gold + Diamond Conference to Take Place in New York June 05, 2023 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--The International Art Initiatives (IAC) is set to host its 13th International Gold + Diamond Conference from July 17 to 19, at the Bohemian National Hall in New York. The conference will bring together leading experts to explore the jewelry, precious metals, and diamond industries in-depth.

According to the announcement, the conference will focus on the artistry and responsible practice in the jewelry industry, a unique approach that IAC suggests is unique to their platform. Participants, ranging from those involved in supply chains to those realizing an artistic vision in fine jewelry, are encouraged to maintain their purpose and commitment to effecting the change they seek.

The conference will delve into various declarations of purpose and principles on responsible practice and cultural preservation. Discussions will also cover new technologies for extraction and sourcing, new mine-to-market models, and new approaches to training the next generation of jewelers or miners.

One of the questions to be addressed at the conference is what constitutes luxury in an age of responsible practice. The participation of renowned jewelers Silvia Furmanovich, Satta Matturi, and Pippa Small will highlight the event.

IAC will present its 6th annual award for Leadership in Responsible Practice and 3rd annual award for Outstanding Contributions to the Diamond and Jewelry Industries during the conference. The conference is made possible thanks to the support of its partner and sponsors.

The conference will feature panels and conversations on various topics, including global expectations and sustainability, achieving transparency in a transformational age, and defining luxury in an age of responsible practice. The confirmed participants include a diverse group of industry leaders, authors, and educators.

Check out the announcement for more on the event and speakers.

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