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IGI’s Avi Levy Discusses Lab-Grown Diamonds, Affordability, Size, and Sustainability January 18, 2024 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Avi Levy, President of the International Gemological Institute (IGI), recently talked about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds in an interview with Men's Journal.

[Image via International Gemological Institute - IGI/Facebook]

Levy stated that these diamonds are identical to natural ones in structure and appearance but are more cost-effective due to their synthetic origin. "Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, scientifically, chemically, physically, and optically," Levy noted, as per a report published in Men's Journal.

Ilah Cibis, owner of iLAH Cibis Jewelry, pointed out the economic benefits, explaining that a $7,000 budget could secure a larger lab-grown diamond than a natural one, offering consumers more size for their money.

Levy also addressed environmental concerns, acknowledging the energy demands of producing lab-grown diamonds. He stressed the importance of choosing diamonds from producers that use renewable energy sources like hydro and solar power and can provide proof of sustainable practices.

"While they require no earth-invasive mining, the presses and reactors that grow them require abundant energy, and most are produced with the burning of fossil fuels," Levy added.

"Try to seek out lab-grown diamond producers that use hydro and solar power. They can provide third-party scientific proof of sustainability from organizations such as SCS Global."

Read more in the entire report in Men's Journal.

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