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SYNA Introduces Mogul Drops, Inspired by Indian Culture January 18, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Syna showcased its collection, Mogul Drops, inspired by the red tilak, a significant symbol in Indian culture. The collection pays tribute to the tilak's cultural and spiritual importance.

[Image via SYNA/Facebook]

The red tilak, a mark traditionally placed on the forehead, is recognized across Indian traditions as a symbol of auspiciousness and protection. Its significance extends to representing wisdom and guarding against negative influences. The tilak is particularly associated with strength, honor, and love due to its deep red color.

Each piece is crafted to reflect the tilak's attributes of strength and grace, focusing on the color red. Central to the collection are gemstones such as madeira citrines, Brazilian amethysts, and other precious stones from South Africa and Australia. These gems are cut and shaped at Syna's family-owned lapidary in Jaipur. The Mogul drops range from 20 to over 300 carats.

The collection features pendants made from natural gemstones like moon quartz, blue topaz, and coral, capped with gold, and often adorned with diamonds. These pendants can be worn on gold chains, blackened silver chains, or leather cords.

See more in the Facebook post and SYNA's website.

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