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Industry News: Edge And Zillion Offer One-Click Insurance; Plumb Club’s Retailer Podcasts; IDEX Offers Free Trading; More April 29, 2020 (0 comments)


Customer Experience Addressed In Plumb Club Podcast Series for Retailers

New York, NY—The Plumb Club's new podcast series was created to provide retailers with helpful information and insights from experts across multiple disciplines. Episodes offer education on current business topics and actionable steps that can impact retail jewelers’ businesses.Left: The Plumb Club Planetarium is an example of the organization's focus on customer experience.

Kevin Reilly, vice president of PGI USA, hosts the episode "Cracking the Code on Customer Experience with Platinum.” The episode explains the importance of customer experience for the modern consumer, and how you can improve this experience through inclusive language, product activations, and appropriate digital communication. Click here to listen.


The Edge, Zillion Partner to Enable One-Click Jewelry insurance At Point-Of-Sale 

Palo Alto, CA--Zillion insurance has partnered with The Edge to provide jewelry store customers immediate, point-of-sale coverage on their purchases through one-click technology on their smartphone. The program is enabled through a free Edge software feature, so customers can immediately receive 10 days of no-obligation insurance, and leave the store knowing their purchase is protected.

“This is truly an incredible customer benefit," said jeweler John Simonian from The Source Fine Jewelers in Victor, NY. “It costs the jeweler nothing but adds so much goodwill to the customer relationship. I was always concerned when customers left my store without insuring their purchase, and now with Zillion and The Edge, I am able to help my customers without doing anything differently other than emphasizing the importance of protecting their jewelry. It’s a no-brainer. I am taking care of my customer.”

“The new Edge software feature enables a better customer experience,” echoes Adam Black, co-founder and managing director of Zillion. “We are overjoyed to be able to support jewelers and help their customers protect the things they love." The one-step simplicity of the process removes any friction from the transaction, he added.

Visit to learn more.


IDEX Diamond Platform Is Free To Newcomers Till August

Ramat Gan, Israel—The IDEX diamond trading platform is offering a special deal for new customers.

With one million diamonds online and around 2,000 registered sellers, IDEX was rated the industry’s largest in independent comparisons by Diamond World, an India-based B2B publication and website, which also called it a "front-runner" for transparency and objectivity. The platform provides buyers and sellers with end-to-end service from purchase, authentication, consolidation of shipments and delivery, as well as a mobile app that offers search-on-the-go, buyer requests, and a diamond price calculator. 

IDEX COO Tamar Katzav said, "As the only B2B platform with transactional capabilities, we've been able to keep business going in recent weeks, with our registered buyers still able to book and buy goods online." 

The IDEX diamond trading platform is available free to all newcomers until August 2020. For information, visit


Bharat Diamond Week To Be Virtual

Bharat, India—Bharat Diamond Week will be virtual this year. The organizing committee of the event, now in its fourth year, decided this week to hold the event online. The original event was slated to be held August 5-7; dates for the online event have not been set yet.

“Keeping in mind the status of various gem and jewelry economies that are more or less in a lock-down stage without knowing a logical ending to this COVID phenomenon, the committee felt the need for making diamonds available to the buyers once the industry get back into business,” said organizers. “What better way of servicing them than a digital medium? BDB cares about the health of buyers and in present scenario it may not be advised to travel. A digital platform would give an avenue to buy and go on with business,” said Anoop Mehta, Bourse president. 

The event will be built on a secured platform to enable buyers and sellers to have a ‘close to realistic’ feel regarding all the products showcased. Buyers and sellers will have a discussion board and many other features including logistic recommendations. For further details, email

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