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Industry News: ‘Propose Too’ Encourages Reverse Proposals; JA Launches National Convention; More October 24, 2018 (0 comments)


Engagement 101 Launches “Propose Too” Initiative To Encourage Women To Propose First And Back

New York, NY--Engagement 101, the multi-media platform dedicated to all things engagement oriented since 2006, is launching an innovative new movement to bring the suitor into the spotlight. Appropriately named “Propose Too,” the concept is poised to update the tradition of the marriage proposal to match today’s societal norms and start the conversation of women both proposing first and proposing back.  Launching on the Engagement 101 website, Propose Too will house unique content, research, testimonials, real proposals, and a special line of products designed for the woman to return or initiate the gesture of a proposal to her suitor. 

The brainchild of Engagement 101 founder and editor Severine Ferrari, Propose Too was conceived and inspired by both couples’ experiences and in reaction to the changing dynamics of marital equality. Modern questions continue to come up: Why, in 2018, are straight men still expected to be the ones to propose? How can women reciprocate? Why not propose to each other like many same-sex couples do? Why are women the only ones wearing engagement rings?

The movement is designed to update a very traditional mentality and change the proposal game.

“My personal situation, our audience, and the LGBTQ community all inspired me to launch this movement,” explains Ferrari. “Our audience continuously expresses to us how frustrated they are to be dependent on the boyfriend deciding the timing of the proposal. I proposed to my boyfriend, and it was great! I also see the LGBTQ community having more and more double proposals. What a fun concept! I thought that it was time to tip the scales towards women’s empowerment in committed straight relationships, as well. I thought I could help our audience find a path towards more equality when it comes to the proposal.”

The trend is already catching on among celebrities. Ed Sheeran’s fiancé Cherry Seaborn proposed back with an engagement ring she made herself. As Sheeran put it, “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings. It’s the same commitment either way.”

Jennifer Hudson proposed back to her husband David Otunga. Five months after he proposed, she proposed back on his birthday with a one-of-a-kind five-carat diamond ring.

P!nk proposed to her husband Cary Hart at a Motocross race. On the third lap, she held up a sign that read “Will You Marry Me?” A few minutes later, she held up another sign with all the pertinent details of date, time, location, etc.  A year later, they were married.

The Propose 2 launch will show new Engagement 101 interviews of men and women that demonstrate that proposal equality is already a conscious thought for some.  The short movie “Double Proposal,” directed by Lisa Hammer and produced by Ferrari, keeps this conversation moving and empowers the female lead to produce her own reverse proposal. See the video and interviews at the following links (click on each image to watch):

Looking beyond just the “mangagement” ring, a trend that has seen little traction, Ferrari teamed up with jewelry designer Chris Ploof to create unique merchandise intended to signify the male engagement. While the woman shows she is spoken for with an engagement ring, the man typically wears no symbol of his commitment until his wedding day. Ploof and Ferrari designed a proposal pendant (top of page) that the future bride can gift to her suitor after saying yes, or she can also initiate the proposal with it.

“Making these Propose Too pendants is an amazing feeling,” says Ploof. “To challenge and change social norms and to be able to help a couple celebrate the very first steps in their union is truly special.” The Propose Too™ Proposal Pendant Engagement 101 X Chris Ploof is a reversible dog tag style pendant in stainless steel featuring the word "Engaged" on one side and a 1.5 mm diamond on the other. Retail, $99. Additional merchandise includes a soft cotton “I Put A Ring On It” Tee shirt ($25) and a Propose Too ™ Pin Bundle by Engagement 101 X Pizza Ships ($29).


JA To Host First Annual Executive Education Convention

New York, NY—Jewelers of America (JA) has announced it will host the first annual Jewelers of America National Convention, an education-focused executive forum open to jewelry professionals. The two-day convention will take place July 28-29, 2019, in New York City.

Engaging Jewelers of America’s network of more than 8,000 jewelry retail storefronts and supplier businesses, the inaugural two-day convention will feature expert presentations and discussions on the pressing issues shaping the jewelry industry in the U.S. and abroad. The program will serve as a forum for lively discussion on current industry and retail trends with compelling keynotes and seminars that provide attendees with insight and solutions to their top-of-mind challenges.

“Successful businesses must continue to learn and evolve; it’s vital for the evolution of our industry and the health of our member companies. We are thrilled to launch our first annual Convention as a destination for jewelry professionals to come together, network, learn and take their learnings back to better their businesses,” says JA president and CEO David J. Bonaparte.

In addition to education, the Jewelers of America National Convention will feature networking events including a cocktail party, networking lunches, and unique interactive sessions. The convention is part of “July Jewelry Week,” a week-long collaborative series of events in New York City that also includes such events as the Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence dinner (July 29, 2019), the American Gem Society Circle of Distinction dinner (July 30, 2019), and many organizations’ board meetings.

To learn more, visit


GOLD/ITALY International Business Workshop Closes Successfully in Arezzo

Arezzo, Italy—GOLD/ITALY, organized at the Arezzo Expo Centre by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group closed Monday after three days of successful meetings and a positive reception from a delegation of American retail buyers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, JC Penney, Helzberg Diamonds and the Richline Group. 

International buyers praised how the continuing value of “Made in Italy” is admired around the world. Frani Morrone from Quality Gold underlined how gold has suddenly come back into fashion and praised Italian artistic creativity and  product design, while Phillip Gabriel Maroof, creative director and designer for Royal Chain Group in New York commented that the show itself and the Arezzo region of Italy were part and parcel of the Italian gold experience.

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