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Inside The Mind Of The Consumer: 15 Reasons Why They’ll Shop In-Store November 10, 2021 (0 comments)


San Francisco, CA—COVID has certainly changed the shopping world, but consumers still like shopping in person. Those are the findings of The State of Consumer Behavior 2021 report from digital experience platform Raydiant. Image: Primary reasons why consumers prefer to shop in person. Chart, Raydiant.

COVID-19 or no COVID-19, lockdowns or no lockdowns, there will always be a large segment of shoppers who want to experience life beyond their computer screens. For others, the pandemic has altered their mindset, and retailers have to craft their in-store experience around those who are highly conscious of COVID. 

But the goal for retailers remains the same: Create an experience so memorable that a customer will put aside their concerns and shop. From the report, here are some of the reasons why consumers prefer shopping in person and what matters to them:

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