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Instappraise Releases Trifold Appraisal Format for the Jewelry and Watch Industries April 30, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Jewelry and watch valuation software company, Instappraise, has introduced a trifold design of appraisal reports for small businesses.

Instappraise said these types of customized reports are normally available for larger companies.

“This marks a significant shift in the landscape of jewelry and watch appraisals, as we bring to fruition what the industry has always dreamed of: the ability to create professional-quality brochures from any printer supporting double-sided printing,” said Raphael Boivin, founder of Instappraise.

The brochure is easily printable from any printer supporting double-sided printing; and can be printed on paper of any type of thickness, consistency, stock or weight. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into a plastic sleeve, which is “a common feature provided with original GIA grading reports,” Boivin said.

While technical mastery in software and interface design remains crucial for enhancing user experience, Instappraise recognizes the importance of extending satisfaction beyond the platform. The trifold appraisal layout maintains essential informational elements, while elevating the overall report. The company recognizes the evolving needs of its base, which relies on the platform for a multitude of appraisal needs, including retail sales, personal ownership, and insurance assessments. It is committed to driving innovation through advancements in appraisal report creation and delivery.

For more information on Instappraise, visit, call 866-351-5566 or email

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