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Jack Kelége Presents Wide Yellow Gold Diamond Band January 23, 2024 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Jack Kelége shared on Facebook a wide yellow gold diamond band crafted from 18k gold, priced at $9,100.

[Image via Jack Kelége's website]

This piece has about 1.35 carats of natural round brilliant cut diamonds. Customers have the option to customize the gold to their preference.

The band's design features 18k gold florets surrounding each diamond. The crafting process for each band takes up to four weeks.

The price includes the diamonds and the band, but the center stones for engagement rings are separate. The brand assists in selecting center stones, with the final price varying based on stone size and ring size.

Customization requests are welcomed for those seeking personalized designs. The item may take up to four weeks for delivery.

Learn more about the KGBD256Y style on their website.

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