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PGI-USA Awards Development Grants to Robbins Brothers, A. JAFFE, Frederick Goldman and Miosogno January 23, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--New York, NY--Robbins Brothers leads a group of jewelers who received Platinum Guild International USA business development grant initiative. The other 2024-2026 PGI-USA business grant recipients are: A. JAFFE, Frederick Goldman and Miosogno by the Jewelex Group.

“Robbins Brothers is so pleased to have received this generous grant from Platinum Guild International USA”, said Sue Hopeman, VP Merchandising for Robbins Brothers. “We have been successfully working with PGI USA for a number of years, and look forward to expanding our partnership, and the ability to offer the luxury and quality of platinum to our guests.”

[Robbins Brothers platinum jewelry offerings. Photo credit: PGI-USA]

 “We were overwhelmed by the response we received for this round of our platinum business development grant program. The recipients of the grant are companies with a rich heritage and generations of successful business in the jewelry industry with a particular focus on the relationship jewelry category,” said Kevin Reilly, PGI USA’s senior vice president. “Our consumer research continues to inform us that nearly 70% of consumers desire platinum for their engagement rings and wedding bands, but significantly fewer buy platinum. We anticipate great success from these companies as they use the funds from this grant for integrated marketing efforts to close that gap between platinum desire and acquisition.”

Launched in 2021, the grant program was designed to turbo-charge the growth of platinum jewelry within the U.S., inspiring manufacturers, designers, and retailers to make platinum an important focus of their business.

The initial grant program exceeded expectations, with the three inaugural participants, Helzberg Diamonds, Memoire and Kwiat, achieving outstanding platinum sales results that ranged from 50% to over 900% growth when compared to the period preceding the grant. 

PGI-USA maintains that platinum jewelry provides an incremental profit opportunity and can increase the average ticket transaction for the jewelry industry in its entirety. It is the most secure setting for diamonds and gemstones ensuring the lasting value of personal jewels.

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