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James Free Jewelers is First Jewelry Retailer to Use New COVID-Fighting Technology June 16, 2020 (1 comment)


Cincinnati, OH--Jewelers everywhere are opening amid COVID-19 and striving to provide their customers with a high sense of confidence in their store environments. To accomplish this crucial goal, James Free Jewelers, a respected prestige jeweler with stores in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, has reported it is the first to use a new Total Air and Surface Purification System.

Michael Karaman, President of James Free Jewelers, advised the cost to install the system was $10,000 for his 15,000-square-foot Dayton store and $6,000 for his 8,000-square-foot Cincinnati store.

According to a release from James Free Jewelers, this new, patented technology is proven to reduce concentrations of dangerous microbes in the air and on surfaces by 99% or more, more quickly, effectively and safely than any other process. Total Air and Surface Purification, the patented technology, utilizes a combination of energy and hydrogen peroxide gas to seek out and attack microbes throughout every cubic inch of treated space, including hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, where chemical cleaning solutions are not practical. It was developed by Extreme Microbial Technologies (EMT) of Centerville, Ohio.

“This is the most advanced, university-tested solution in the indoor clean air industry,” said Randall Mount, CEO of EMT. “This solution has been proven to be vastly more effective than filters, electrostatic cleaners, simple ionizers, UV light or ozone.”

“Selecting fine jewelry is a hands-on process,” said Karaman. “We clean each piece before and after a customer handles it. Total Air and Surface Purification is an added step toward making the shopping experience in our stores as COVID-free as humanly possible, along with hand sanitizer stations, free facemasks for customers, stringent cleaning policies and use of gloves with payment.”

EMT Staffers Install Total Air Purification System at James Free Jewelers

Unlike air filters, electrostatic cleaners, simple ionizers, UV light or ozone, according to the release, Total Air and Surface Purification is a 2-step process that begins inside a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

“Even the best filters only affect the air flowing directly through the filter itself, which means many microbes are left untreated,” Mount said. “Filters are also expensive, and can actually become a new source of contamination, especially if they are not changed as required.”

According to the release: because its molecular structure is similar to that of water, hydrogen peroxide gas is safe to breathe, yet it kills mold 50 times faster than ozone; overall, Total Air and Surface Purification reduces mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants 13 times faster than even the best oxidizers on the market; this technology is now being used in a growing number of restaurants, healthcare facilities, food processing facilities, fitness centers, schools and more.

“We are proud to be working with Extreme Microbial Technologies to create an environment where our guests can feel more confident with their surroundings,” Karaman said.

For information about James Free Jewelers, visit or call 937-298-0171 (Dayton) or 513-793-0133 (Cincinnati). For information about Extreme Microbial Technologies, visit or call 877-890-0922.

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Another company is AirPHX Our store Harris Jewelers in Rio Rancho NM has ordered two units. Demand is high so they will not arrive for a couple of weeks.

By Mark Guerin on Jun 17th, 2020 at 9:13pm

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