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Jared Introduces Exclusive ‘Charm’d by Lulu Frost’ Jewelry Line December 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Akron, OH--Jared has announced the release of a new jewelry line, "Charm'd by Lulu Frost." This exclusive collection, a collaboration with Lulu Frost, was designed by Lisa Salzer and features a variety of interchangeable charms and chains.

[Image by Jared via PR Newswire]

Jared said in a news release that the "Charm'd by Lulu Frost" range draws inspiration from the Plaza letters and numbers by Lulu Frost. It showcases a click-on mechanism that allows for easy customization of jewelry pieces, letting customers clip on or off various charms to create different styles. The collection's charms have special meanings, including initials, anniversary dates, and other symbolic milestones. Lisa Salzer, the creative force behind this collection, credits her grandmother Elizabeth Frost's extensive knowledge of vintage jewelry as a key influence.

This collection boasts diverse charms, including nine numeric, 26 alphabetic, 12 birthstones, 14 symbolic, and nine hero-themed options. Additionally, it features the "Letter & Star Starter Chain Sets." The chains, available in box, paperclip, and gemstone styles, provide a modern yet classic base for a personalized jewelry ensemble. The pieces are crafted with materials like 10kt gold and I-I2 grade diamonds.

Claudia Cividino, President of Jared, expressed excitement about the launch, highlighting the collection's blend of high-end appeal and accessibility. She praised Lisa Salzer's inventive design and the meaningful aspects of each charm, which align perfectly with Jared's clientele's desire for jewelry that tells their unique stories. 

The "Charm'd by Lulu Frost" line is priced between $250 and $2,800 and is now available exclusively at Jared stores nationwide and online at

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