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Jeweler Checklist For Tornado And Storm Safety March 31, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Following the recent series of tornadoes across the southern United States, Berkley Asset Protection offers jewelers a checklist for tornado and storm safety. Image: J. Plenio, Pixabay

Although certain regions of the country may experience tornadoes more frequently than other areas, tornadoes or derechos (a straight-line wind) can occur anywhere and, unlike a hurricane can be tracked for days, there’s rarely much advance notice of an impending tornado. Certain weather conditions are known to spawn tornadoes, but once one is spotted it may be only minutes before it strikes.

Know the difference between watches and warnings: A tornado watch is a caution indicating a high probability of tornadoes within an area approximately 250 miles long and 120 miles wide. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted on the ground in your county or moving toward your county, or that weather radar indicates a high probability of a tornado existing. 

While there is no way to eliminate all the damage of a direct hit from a violent tornado, straight-line wind, or other powerful storm, jewelers and other business owners can take steps to reduce damage to facilities, injuries to employees, and losses associated with business disruptions. 

Minimize damage from windborne debris: 

Protect your employees :

Safety during a tornado in a building:

Safety during a tornado if you are outside:

Be proactive. Develop a plan in advance and be ready to execute. 
For additional loss control tips, visit or call (212) 922-0659. 

Resources: Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, 

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