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Jewelers For Children Announces Partnership With Virtual Diamond Boutique January 28, 2020 (0 comments)


Phoenix, AZ—Jewelers for Children announces a partnership with Virtual Diamond Boutique on an app to manage the charity’s silent auctions and open them up to bidders beyond the event. JFC hosts many silent auctions throughout the year, hosted at jewelry industry gatherings like the Centurion Show, JCK, and other events. Until now, participation in the auction required physical attendance at the event. But the new app allows anyone to participate in an auction, even if they are not able to attend in person. The app also allows people at a show to monitor their bids without taking time from their other show business to return to the JFC booth. 

With VDB’s state-of-the-art auction app, participants can browse items up for auction, monitor bidding activity, raise bids to stay in the running, and see final auction results.

“Going from a paper and pen to a phone-based app is a quantum leap for us, said David Rocha, JFC executive director.  “No longer will folks have to run back to a showcase to try and grab a piece of paper to enter their final bids. They can be ‘present’ throughout the entire auction.”

The idea for the app came about when VDB CEO, Tanya Nisguretsky observed the charity’s silent auction at AGS Conclave. She knew that she could mobilize the skills of her team to help JFC maximize their revenue potential and reach more children in need. She reached out to Rocha, who warmly welcomed her offer.

The app debuted at the Centurion Jewelry Show in Phoenix, Arizona, taking place January 28-31. Interested bidders can download the app in the App Store on iOS or on Google Play. Signage with QR codes for easy downloading will also be available at events where JFC is present.

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