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Jewelers for Children Announces Support from Brosway Manifatture To Create Fundraising Bracelet August 26, 2020 (0 comments)


Miami, FL--Brosway has announced its support of Jewelers for Children with a limited-edition bracelet that will be used for fundraising.

One of the largest, most well-known fashion jewelry brands in Italy, Brosway has always supported beneficial and social causes through collaborations with important non-profit organizations.  This year, after careful consideration, they have decided to support Jewelers for Children through the creation of a Limited-Edition Chakra bracelet.

"We have decided to collaborate with Jewelers for Children,” says Beatrice Beleggia, CEO of Bros USA Corp. "For a company like ours it is an ethical duty to be able to contribute so that charities such as Jewelers for Children can continue their valuable work of helping children.”

The jewel Chakra bracelet will be available from Jewelers for Children, at fundraising events, on, and at authorized jewelers.

Brosway will also sell the bracelet directly with proceeds benefitting Jewelers for Children.  

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