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Jewelers Mutual Launches Crime Awareness Video Series May 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Neeah, WI--The Jewelers Mutual Group has launched a crime awareness video series as the latest educational resource to its industry-wide “Partner for Protection” movement. The video series features security expertise from the Jewelers’ Security Alliance and Jewellers Vigilance Canada on crime trends, security tips and actionable solutions for those in the jewelry industry.

There’s been an increase in jewelry industry crime, resulting in safety concerns and high losses in merchandise and income. Late last year, Jewelers Mutual launched “The Partner for Protection” movement to curb the rise in jewelry crimes. The idea is to unite the industry in rethinking safety and security strategies, with all jewelers encouraged to take the pledge to stay vigilant in their jewelry communities and take action to keep themselves, their staff and their businesses protected, JM said in a statement.

The first five episodes in the video series include real crime experiences, lessons learned and expert guidance from John Kennedy of the Jewelers' Security Alliance, Kelly Ross of the Jewellers Vigilance Canada, and veteran retail jeweler Michael Richards from Underwood Jewelers, with moderator Mark Smelzer of Jewelers Mutual. Episodes include discussions on the state of crime in the jewelry industry, smash-and-grab burglaries, grab-and-run thefts, jewelry store burglaries, and the emotional impact of crime.

The Crime Awareness Video Series is available to view on

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