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Robbins Brothers Launches Two Exclusive Capsule Collections May 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Engagement ring specialists, Robbins Brothers, launched its first exclusive capsule bridal collections: the “Centennial Collection” and the Duet Collection. Both collections are available for a limited time exclusively at Robbins Brothers store and on its website.

The Centennial Collection—“A century in the making”—is made up of 12 elegant and classic ring styles with classics center stones and baguettes. Styles like “The Lucy” and “The Millie” are “unique, playful, and whimsical,” the company said; while styles like “The Clara” and “The Iris” are “confident, strong, and dynamic.” Customers will have the option to choose the diamond for the center stone, including lab-grown or natural diamonds.

[Centennial Collection]

The Duet Collection—a lab-grown diamond toi et moi fashion gifting collection—is inspired by legendary pairings that represent “asymmetry in harmony.” It’s Made up of unexpected diamond pairings, for asymmetrical rings, earrings and pendant necklaces that create a “balance between bold and timeless,” the company says. The pieces are named after iconic duets in history, literature, pop culture, film and television. They include “The Bonnie & Clyde” ring, “The Dante & Beatrice” earrings, and “The Paris & Helen” pendant. Pieces can be paired together for a full set or worn individually.

[The Paris and Helen pendant]

“Robbins Brothers’ capsule collections bring together more than a hundred years of history with a modern sensibility,” said Geraldine Pingul, bridal jewelry buyer for Robbins Brothers. “Each collection is curated with the diamond and guest experience in mind. The Centennial Collection represents over a century of expertise and experience in crafting exquisite and timeless engagement rings. The Duet Collection, on the other hand, offers a modern and trendy approach to fashion gifting with unexpected diamond duos. These limited-time collections offer something for every taste and occasion, and we can't wait for our guests to experience them.”

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