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Jewellery Geneva Presented a Diverse Offering of Gold, Diamond and Gem-Set Jewels |  April 15, 2024 (0 comments)


GENEVA, Switzerland--Jewels from a diverse group of 29 luxury and fine jewelry brands were on display during Jewellery Geneva, held April 9 – 15 at the Hotel President luxury hotel.

The fair, founded in 2021 by the same team that owns and operates the annual Centurion jewelry fair in Phoenix, AZ, was held alongside Watches and Wonders, the international watch fair.

Retailers and distributors had the opportunity to attend both trade fairs. There was a steady stream of buyers during my visit at the show on April 11, who had easy opportunities to view pieces in a cordial and casual environment.

[Nanis presented its newest collection of 18k jewels at Jewellery Geneva]

This is a true international event as brands and visitors, while mostly from Europe, were from other parts of the world as well. Creators of diamond and colored gemstone jewels for the luxury market met up with luxury retailers from Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

Nearly all exhibitors were happy with show itself and the buyers who came to view the product. The busiest times were in the mornings and late afternoons, but the rest of day also saw a steady stream of buyers, according to several retailers.

Vicenza jewelry brand, Nanis, was showcasing a new collection of its versatile and distinctive style of 18k gold jewels that are larger and bolder than normal. The company has now created a collection of beads made of gems in collet style settings or in gold that can easily be placed and removed on necklaces and bracelets, adding more versatility and color to the jewels by the Italian company.

[A green diamond ring from Kahn]

Kahn, a Hong Kong based firm that specializes in colored diamonds and gems, had a variety of its pieces on hand, including some green diamond rings, paraiba tourmalines and gems, sapphires and emeralds.

[A suite of jewels by Schreiner]

Schreiner, a high jewelry specialist based in Munich, had perhaps the largest booth at the show lined with its bold and elegant diamond and gemstone jewelry suites.

[A display of colorful jewels by Staurino]

Valenza-based jewelry brand, Staurino, present a diverse collection of its colorful jewels in delicate playful designs.

[Jewels by Jacob]

Jewels by Jacob and Solo Collection each showcased a variety of their sexy diamond jewels in various designs.

[Diamond jewels by Solo Collection]

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