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Sylvie Jewelry Introduces Tulira Collection Inspired by Nature April 15, 2024 (0 comments)


Plano, TX--Sylvie Jewelry introduced Tulira, a new engagement ring collection with nature-inspired designs. The collection, highlighted by the tagline "Where Real Love Grows," reflects the evolving journey of love through its use of floral, leaf, and vine motifs.

Per a post on their website, the collection draws heavily on the childhood memories of Sylvie Levine, the company's co-founder and designer, who grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of Belgium. 

"Each year I make it a point to visit my hometown, immersing myself in the parks and gardens that were a significant part of my youth and what Belgium is known for," Sylvie said in the post.

Gary Levine, Director of Business Development, noted the collection's focus on quality craftsmanship. "Every piece in Tulira is a deep synergy that marries our nature-inspired vision with the distinguished craftsmanship of Sylvie Jewelry," Gary said.

"Our goal was to reflect the brilliance and beauty of the natural world, ensuring that each design not only aligns with the ethos of Sylvie Jewelry but also evokes the profound joy inherent in our craft," Garry added, per the report.

Sylvie Jewelry, established by Sylvie and Ian Levine, is available through select retailers in North America. Learn more in this post on their website.

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