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Jewelry by DeCory Spotlights Local Art and Lakota Culture in Rapid City May 09, 2023 (0 comments)


Rapid City, SD--Downtown Rapid City welcomes a new retail venue, Jewelry by DeCory, which highlights handcrafted jewelry, South Dakota products, and a gallery of Black Hills art while honoring Lakota culture.

[Image via Jewelry by DeCory]

Located at 717 Main St., the store is the latest endeavor by Doug Napier, who opened the Jewelry Monk studio in 2018 and has 40 years of experience in the jewelry business.

According to a report in Rapid City Journal, Jewelry by DeCory will function as a retail store and an art gallery, displaying high-end paintings and photography by Black Hills artists, with pieces rotating every three months. In addition to jewelry, the store will offer pottery and Elements of South Dakota, showcasing items made within the state.

The soft opening is on Friday, with a grand opening later this month. Post-tourist season, Napier plans to host events for locals, including open mic nights and gatherings for artists to share ideas.

The gallery promotes Lakota culture and South Dakota's uniqueness. Jewelry by DeCory is a sister business to Napier's Jewelry Monk, a training center and studio dedicated to teaching jewelry-making skills.

One of Napier's jewelry lines, Lakota Legacy, features pieces accompanied by videos explaining the significance of symbols such as buffalo and butterflies. This year, the line introduces a nature series with acorns, sunflowers, cattails, and cactus-adorned jewelry.

With education at its core, Jewelry by DeCory's designs primarily use sterling silver and are affordable for tourists and locals seeking unique items.

Napier's long-term goal is to establish a nonprofit trade school, DeCory Jewelry Institute, offering a two-year program that teaches students computer-aided design, marketing, and sales skills, building on the mentorship provided through Jewelry Monk.

Learn the entire story on Rapid City Journal.

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