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Jewelry Trends for New Year — Designs That Will Highlight 2023 January 11, 2023 (0 comments)


London, United Kingdom--Jewelry trends for 2023 are about making a statement and expressing your style. From delicate, minimalist pieces to bold and sculptural designs, there's something for everyone.

[Photo by Engin Akyurt]

A report by Vogue takes a closer look at some of the hottest jewelry trends for the upcoming year, including materials, colors, and styles. Whether you're looking to invest in a statement piece or add some subtle sparkle to your everyday look, these upcoming jewelry trends do not disappoint.

According to the report, trend forecaster Jodie Marie Sith feels a "wave of youthfulness" sweeping the industry. Designers are opting for forms and shapes that are less conventional. For example, Marco Panconesi's hybrid gemstones come in a "chaotic combination" of high and low materials. "It's irreverent, unfussy and unserious," Smith says in the report.

Other designs voice handcrafted looks. "People want pieces from artisanal jewellers who are sitting at the bench themselves," explains Victoria Lampley of jewelry consultancy The Stax in the report. "They want the stamp of someone's fingerprint on a piece."

Some other designs making statements include statement pieces, such as the Zero FG ring, which according to Established's Nikki Erwin, continues to attract new fans. "That ring has been flying with people you wouldn't expect; even women in their 60s and 70s have fallen for it," Erwin explains in the report.

Other designs include pearls — they might only be oversized this season. "We have seen our designers taking pearls to the next level – think diamond tennis necklaces, chokers and lariats adorned with pearls. Sophie Bille Brahe, Completedworks and Mizuki are some of our key brands for this look," explained Beales of CompletedWorks.

Learn more about the design trends in the entire report.

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