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Josephs Jewelers Launches 360-Degree Spinning Eye Photo Booth at 2024 Wedding Event February 07, 2024 (0 comments)


West Des Moines, IA--Josephs Jewelers has introduced the Spinning Eye Photo Booth at its 2024 Wedding Event, offering a way for attendees to capture their moments.

[Image via Josephs Jewelers/Facebook]

Announced on Facebook, the booth presents a 360-degree video experience, where a camera orbits around the participants, capturing dynamic motion videos from every angle.

This addition to the event allows guests to step into the booth and become part of a seamless video capture process, enhanced with special effects for an augmented viewing experience. The final videos are available for instant sharing, enabling participants to share their memories with others.

Designed for everyone attending the wedding, the Spinning Eye Photo Booth aims to provide a comprehensive and interactive way to document the celebration. Josephs Jewelers encourages early RSVPs to ensure participants can use this novel feature.

Check out the post here on Facebook.

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