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Karina Brez’s Jewelry Collection Captures Barbiecore and Coastal Cowgirl Trends July 25, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--As the "Barbie" movie release sparks a resurgence of "Barbiecore" fashion, fine jewelry designer Karina Brez offers her fresh take on the trend, merging it with a Coastal Cowgirl twist.

According to a news release by the jeweler, Barbiecore and Coastal Cowgirl, both summer trends enjoying significant traction on social media and red carpets, are a part of Brez's collection. Given the prominence of Western Barbie in the film, these trends are set to gain further momentum.

Key pieces from Brez's Garden Collection directly align with the Barbiecore aesthetic, namely the "Leilani Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace," and the "Zahara Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring," both emblematic of the Barbiecore color palette.

Brez's offerings include the "Horseshoe Necklace" from her Lucky Horseshoe Collection. Set with pink sapphires and diamonds in 18k white gold, this piece is a testament to the Coastal Cowgirl trend.

Karina and her collections can be found online at, and her designs can also be found on Instagram at @karinabrezjewelry.

[Images via Karina Brez]

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