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Kassab Reopens After Two Years in Hopes of Drawing Loyal Customers April 05, 2022 (0 comments)

Kassab Jewelers

Portland, OR--Kassab store, located on Broadway Street near Alder, is reopening after closing down in the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic, according to a local news report. 

The reopening comes after the store initially became invitation-only, before shutting down in-store business by the beginning of April.

In May 2020, rioters robbed during the Black Lives Matter movement looted the store. "We, as a small family-owned business, have always felt that our stores are a direct extension of our home, and you have always been our honored guests," Kassab posted to Facebook at the time, per the news report. "Unfortunately, our home was violated, robbed, and vandalized. We have never in any way supported violence, hatred, or racism and such act is unjustifiable."

Two years later, Kassab is back in business. "2020 was tough … but a diamond can't be made without immense pressure," said company president Rana Kassab, as per the report. 

The family hopes that the business will draw customers and crowds from the past. "It feels like it's coming back to where it was prior to 2020," Rana said. "It feels a lot safer."

Here's the complete report.

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