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Lab-Grown Association Announces International Leadership Committee February 08, 2022 (0 comments)


Morrisville, NC—The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) has introduced a leadership committee to help evolve strategic and tactical priorities as the lab-grown diamond sector continues its explosive growth with consumers and the trade. Committee members include Charlotte Daehn, Courbet; Daniel Kahn, Lusix; Johanna Park-Tonks, Chelsea Rocks; Vishal Mehta, Lumex; Véronique de Beaumont, Diam Concept; Tom Chatham, Chatham Created Gems and Diamonds; Irene Hsieh, Joy Colori; Zulu Ghevriya, Smiling Rocks; Shelly Khatzir, Hoover & Strong; Andrey Zharkov, Ultrac; Louis Price, M. Geller Diamonds; Shashvat Sadhani, Classic Grown Diamonds; Leon Peres, Green Rocks Diamonds; and Marty Hurwitz, MVI Marketing LLC. Bios on each member of the committee are available here.

The IGDA Leadership Committee and its membership are a major step forward toward our vision of establishing a more diverse and international organization, that is the voice of authority for the lab-grown diamond industry,” said Richard Garard, IGDA’s founder and president. “Our list of priorities is long, and the needs of the lab-grown diamond community are core to our focus. But we know with these key industry leaders involved we will be able to achieve these goals and much more.”

Richard Garard

When asked about her new role on the IGDA leadership committee, Charlotte Daehn, director of communications for Courbet in Paris, said: “The lab-grown diamond is the gemstone of the next generation and deserves to be presented with transparency, honesty and objectivity. With the rapid growth of the lab-grown diamond market, strengthening IGDA has become a necessity. With this international leadership committee, we aim to disseminate effective tools for the industry and clear messages for consumers.”

Echoing this perspective was Daniel Kahn, vice president of business development at LUSIX. “The lab grown diamond market has truly shaken the whole jewelry and diamond industry, and as many deliberate their level of participation in it, at LUSIX we are proud to be part of shaping it. I believe that joining the IGDA leadership committee is another step in that direction.”

IGDA’s mission continues to be to represent the lab-grown diamond industry, educate consumers and promote Lab-Grown Diamonds. IGDA has identified as a priority a training platform for retailers and their sales associates to learn best practices for selling lab-grown diamonds to consumers. Says Lumex CEO Vishal Mehta, “I believe that IGDA is a wonderful platform to assist the growth of lab-grown diamonds as a category in a responsible and transparent way. It is a privilege to be invited to join the IGDA leadership committee.”

New members are welcome and can learn more here.

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