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Lahaina Jewelry Store Vows to Rebuild After Devastating Fire, Organizes Successful Fundraiser December 30, 2023 (1 comment)


Lahaina, HI--The Lahaina Jewelry store, a family-owned business at Front Street for over three decades, was reduced to ashes in a recent fire. Owner Victoria Doan and her daughter, Tina Delima, are committed to salvaging what remains and rebuilding the store despite the loss.

[Image via GoFundMe campaign]

Victoria, the matriarch behind Lahaina Jewelry, has experienced adversity before. Fleeing Vietnam in the 1970s, she arrived in Lahaina with little more than hope. "I left the country when I was 19-years-old," Victoria recalls in a report published in Hawaii News Now. 

The store, known for its fine jewels and Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, was uninsured, making the disaster even more significant. "This is literally our livelihood, me and mom," Tina added in the report, emphasizing the depth of their loss. Tina, who grew up in the store and watched her own children take their first steps there, feels the loss acutely. Despite losing her childhood home, she finds the destruction of the family business more heart-wrenching.

Victoria and Tina are now sifting through the remains, hoping to salvage what they can. "I spent many, many hours here. Many hours. So, it's been pretty tough," she said Tina shared in the report.

Facing this new challenge, Victoria's spirit remains unbroken. She has rebuilt her life before and is determined to do so again. The community is rallying to support the Doan family rebuilding their cherished store.

At the time of writing this article, the store had almost reached its $100,000 goal on a fundraiser program on GoFundMe with over 350 donations, showcasing the value it shares among its patrons.

Learn more in the entire report on Hawaii News Now.

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For many years my friend Katy Roberson and I visited Lahaina Jewelers each time we were in Maui. We always enjoyed seeing Victoria, and I am still wearing the jewelry I bought from her. My thoughts are with her and her daughter, and I wish them well in their rebuilding effort.

By Marianne Putney on Feb 23rd, 2024 at 11:43pm

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