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Michael’s Jewelers in Downtown Phoenix Shuts Down After 73 Years December 30, 2023 (0 comments)


Phoenix, AZ--Michael's Jewelers, a long-standing jewelry store in Downtown Phoenix, is set to close permanently after a 73-year run after Michael Strong, the 103-year-old owner, announced his retirement.

[Image via Michael's Jewelers/Facebook]

Strong's life and career span over a century is a living emblem of traditional business values. "I am totally old school, I don't even carry a phone in my pocket," Strong remarked in a report in Yahoo News, reflecting on his long-standing approach to business.

The store, located at the Central Avenue and Monroe Street intersection, opened in 1950. Strong, a World War II veteran, founded the business upon returning from service. Over the years, he witnessed significant changes in the cityscape, including the construction of major buildings like the nearby Chase bank.

Michael's Jewelers has remained resilient throughout its operation, surviving challenges, including the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Strong's tenure as a jeweler has been filled with notable interactions and insights. He fondly recalls a humorous encounter with Sonny from the iconic duo Sonny and Cher, highlighting the store's appeal to a diverse clientele.

In his years of dealing with precious metals and stones, Strong gained profound knowledge about the industry. "Silver's great, but you need a ton of it," he said in the report. "Diamond's used almost in all kinds of tools because it's so hard. It can cut through anything."

The store's farewell message on its website expresses gratitude: "Thank you all for your business and support. It has truly been our pleasure."

Learn more in the entire report on Yahoo News.

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