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Lana Jewelry Unveils First Flagship Store in Winnetka, Plans Further Expansion June 19, 2023 (0 comments)


Winnetka, IL--North Shore native Lana Bramlette, whose fine jewelry has graced Hollywood's A-list celebrities, has launched her first store in Winnetka's Hubbard Woods neighborhood. After her jewelry brand gained traction in luxury retail establishments like Fred Segel, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom, Bramlette reporedtly said felt the time was ripe for her boutique.

[Image via Lana Fine Jewelry]

According to a Patch report, Bramlette's venture into jewelry design began from an unfulfilled personal desire. "I couldn't find the perfect gold hoop earring, and I made a nameplate necklace of my then-boyfriend, now-husband's name, and I walked around with a 'Rob' necklace, and everybody was questioning what is on my neck," Bramlette said, as per the report. "Long story short, everybody wanted one, you couldn't go out and get a custom fine jewelry nameplate anywhere unless you knew a neighborhood jeweler."

The report noted that when Bramlette relocated from Lincoln Park to Glencoe in 2020, the area noticed a demographic shift during the pandemic. This change, combined with a newfound love for Winnetka, convinced her it was the perfect location for her first store.

The pandemic's impact on their online sales helped solidify this decision. “I think after the pandemic, and recognizing how loyal our clients were to us, and how our web business exploded, we recognized that it was time to also take this to a brick-and-mortar store," Bramlette said, per the report.

The report added that Lana Jewelry offers various products, from women's, men's, and kids' jewelry to pieces perfect for weddings and other events. While their price points start at a relatively attainable $300, the collection also includes pieces that venture into the six-figure range.

A significant portion of the collection at Lana's new Winnetka flagship store is ready for immediate purchase, though personalization services are available. "You can walk out that day with anything you see in the cases, but we definitely do personalization," she explained, per the report. "So if there is initials and nameplates and whatnot, yes, that's customized, and, of course, if someone comes to us with a request that works with our brand identity, absolutely, we will work with that."

The report noted that as the company looks ahead, Bramlette plans to open more stores in the U.S. and internationally, using the Winnetka flagship as a prototype for future markets. Even after more than two decades since its inception, Lana Jewelry maintains its roots as a locally owned family business, which has played an instrumental role in shaping its identity.

Learn more in the entire Patch report.

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