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Lashbrook Sues Manly Bands for Willful Infringement of its Intellectual Property Rights December 06, 2023 (2 comments)


Draper, UT--Diamonds Direct, doing business as Lashbrook, which provides customer-designed custom wedding bands with unique materials and inlays, said on December 1, that it filed a lawsuit against Manly Bands, LLC, in U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. The lawsuit alleges that Manly Bands and its principals committed numerous unlawful and infringing acts and asserts thirty separate causes of action.

The complaint includes 25 claims for infringement of Lashbrook ring designs, two claims for copyright management information violations associated with thousands of Lashbrook product images, three claims of unfair competition, together with claims for a pattern of unlawful activity and civil conspiracy.

The lawsuit further alleges that Manly Bands went so far as to write software code to steal thousands of images from Lashbrook’s servers, cover over Lashbrook’s watermarks, and display the images to Manly Bands’ customers.

The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction, as well as Lashbrook’s attorney’s fees and costs. Eric Laker, Lashbrook's founder and CEO, said: “our innovative ring designs are protected by copyright law, and this lawsuit seeks to protect our innovation and prevent unfair competition.”

To learn more about Lashbrook’s claims against Manly Bands, visit Lashbrook's website at the following link where a copy of the complaint can be viewed or downloaded.

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Comments (2):

Wow!!  What a bunch of thieves!  I hope this dishonest company gets put out of business.  Stealing other people’s work - shame on you!  You deserve fines and jail.

By Ron Yates on Dec 8th, 2023 at 4:04pm

Wow.  This is horrible to hear that the owners of Manly Bands would steal from Lashbrook.  I hope they get justice on this.  The folks at Lashbrook are good honest people.  Hate to see them victims of crime.

By Ron Yates on Dec 9th, 2023 at 12:53am

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