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Rebecca Selva Sheds Light on Vintage Diamond Jewelry That’s on Everybody’s Wishlist December 05, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Renowned for her expertise in vintage diamond jewelry, Rebecca Selva, Creative Director at Fred Leighton, shares her insights on the timeless appeal of these pieces in a conversation with Only Natural Diamonds. With a 30-year tenure at Leighton, Selva has been pivotal in highlighting vintage diamond jewelry's unique charm and investment value, attracting a new generation of admirers.

[Image via Only Natural Diamonds]

Selva emphasizes in the interview that vintage diamond jewelry transcends time, offering elegance and a distinct character. Her role has influenced celebrities and stylists alike, introducing them to vintage pieces' playful and individualistic nature. Billie Eilish and Emma Stone are among the younger figures who have embraced this trend, signaling a shift towards more personalized and sustainable fashion choices.

Fred Leighton's collection, featuring everything from classic brands to distinctive unsigned pieces, focuses on design over mere value. Their New York and Las Vegas stores offer an immersive experience for jewelry enthusiasts, led by Selva's guidance in selecting pieces that resonate with personal style.

In the interview article, Selva reveals her passion for vintage diamond jewelry, citing its individuality and historical charm as key factors. She also shares insights into the influence of red-carpet fashion on young consumers, noting how celebrities like Billie Eilish have showcased the relevance and beauty of vintage pieces in modern settings.

The conversation also touches upon Selva's journey from banking to jewelry, driven by her creative endeavors and a desire to delve deeper into the world of jewelry design.

Selva's advice on selecting vintage diamonds includes emphasizing the beauty in their hand-cut imperfections and urging buyers to choose pieces that speak to them personally. Her experience at Fred Leighton continues to fuel her enthusiasm for vintage jewelry, driven by a never-ending discovery of beauty and lasting relationships with clients who share her passion.

Learn more in the entire interview published in Only Natural Diamonds.

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