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Le Vian Introduces Euphoria Collection Under New Collaboration: See Images November 28, 2022 (0 comments)

Le Vian new

New York, NY--Le Vian announced in a news release its new Euphoria collection.

[All images via Le Vian]

“The desire for euphoria is universal, and nothing quite delivers it like rich, dark, luxurious chocolate," said CEO Eddie LeVian. "Expect euphoria from our delicious Godiva x Le Vian collaboration and our new Chocolate Shavings collection.” 

Le Vian Euphoria Collection

Euphoria is an intense feeling of bliss, excitement and happiness. It is epitomized by embracing our obsession with indulging in the finest, richly flavored, artisan chocolate. 

Godiva x Le Vian

The Godiva x Le Vian collaboration is Le Vian’s first creative interpretation of the power, pleasure, and wonder of chocolate. This best-selling collection of delectable Chocolate Diamond jewels which first launched in 2022 was inspired by Godiva's exquisite premium chocolates, made with love, to be savored this year and forever. 

Chocolate Shavings™

Exotic, uniquely articulated and undulating Chocolate Diamonds® designs have given birth to the Chocolate Shavings collection. Wrapped in Chocolate is one of the new iterations of the Chocolate Shavings, where ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds® wrap around a center shape or design. Savor the mouthwatering shavings of gourmet chocolate and fulfill your sweetest indulgences. 

Chocolate & Honey™

Chocolate & Honey™, sweet and satisfying, the ultimate twin indulgence, set the scene for a new generation of Chocolate Diamonds creations.

Chocolate on Chocolate

More is more with Le Vian’s new Chocolate on Chocolate Enamel collection, in which rich dark Chocolate Enamel embraces indulgent Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® to create Le Vian’s newest chocolate delicacies. 

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