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LeoDaniels Opens Its First Retail Jewelry Store in St. Louis Park November 29, 2022 (0 comments)

LeoDaniels owners

St. Louis Park, MN--LeoDaniels opened its first retail outlet on November 25.

[Image by Craig McNitt via Biz Journals]

A news report states that the business has existed for more than 40 years in the city, primarily serving as a wholesaler.

Before the store's opening, the family-owned business had been providing appointments at its office at 4517 Minnetonka Blvd, making online sales, and supplying jewelry to other stores.

The new move will now establish LeoDaniels as a full-fledged retailer. 

The timing of the store's opening is ideal. "You can't really tell the quality of a piece of jewelry until you see it up front," said CEO Daniel Kutoff, who launched LeoDaniels in 1984, in another report. "Two diamonds can look almost exactly the same on the web, but in real life, one looks nicer than the other."

The business' COO, Chaim Kutoff added in the report that the next step would be driving traffic from their website to the brick-and-mortar.

The business can now be found at 4110 Minnetonka Blvd. More information is available on its website

Link to the news report.

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