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Let’s Talk Jewelry Store Design: Logo Walls are Positive for Your Clients & Your Business Branding |  January 04, 2021 (0 comments)


West Bloomfield, MI--Logo walls are an attractive design element in a jewelry store. Some of my design clients ask: Why do I need a logo wall? There are several practical reasons logo walls are used in jewelry store designs and are so important for business branding.

Improves Your Brand Recognition & Store Image

By placing your logo on a prominent wall, you make the entire showroom look more professional by supporting your company image, and it increases brand recognition. If you have a truly clever logo that creates trust and positive emotion, you can be sure that its presence in the store will lead new and current customers to remember it, adding to their loyalty.

Chiccarines Diamonds & Jewelry in Collegeville, Ohio reveals how the logo wall gives the clients a sense comfort and positive emotions by using the wood, metal, and warm brick mixture. The owner Paul Chiccarine told me he wants his logo wall to seem casual and apply to his client demographics. After Paul saw his logo wall for the first time he said, “The design was nailed with the feel and look I wanted.”

Design Idea to Create a Unique Look for Your Store:

My client Hamra Fine Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona owned by Jeff Hamra asked me how to have an entire logo wall be a beautiful and unique focal point for his very high-end jewelry store. As I have mentioned before, the eye-catching use of lighting with the logo wall reveals the uniqueness of the store. The end result of the Hamra logo wall was the use of proper lighting around the wall.  Also, the background of the wall was made from excellent quality leather upholstered square panels. The metal on the lit sign behind gives the added high-end touch to the wall and the store. The clients feel very comfortable in Hamra Jewelers because of the main focal point of the logo wall.

Creates a Great Location for taking pictures

We live in the era of social media and selfies; therefore, your logo wall can can yield great advertising as the perfect photo background. Your clients would like to stand in front of your wall and post it on their social media, getting thousands of views and promoting your brand, and gaining you huge online exposure. Not only will it convey your name brand, but it will show the upscale quality of your entire store to the public.  My client Lasker Jewelers owned by Nicole Lasker in Rochester, Minnesota wanted to create a unique logo wall. I used a white glitter stone with a simple lit logo behind with metal letters. The clients love to stand in front of the wall for pictures. The letters are oversized so the logo can be seen on any social media platform. Nicole was very thrilled about the logo wall. I ended up designing her other store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and we did the same wall and logo there, too.


About the Author: Leslie McGwire™ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store ​awards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design for the jewelry and retail industries. Visit for more information.

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