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Lightbox Cuts Its Lab-Grown Diamond Retail Prices by More than a Third May 10, 2024 (0 comments)


London, U.K.--Lab-grown diamond brand, Lightbox, has permanently reduced its prices to as low as $500 per carat, from a previous price of $800 per carat, for the brand’s standard range of lab-grown diamonds, De Beers said in a statement Friday.

The diamond mining and marketing company, De Beers, which owns Lightbox, said the price reduction for Lightbox’s lab-grown diamonds follows months of testing lower prices and researching the lab-grown diamond jewelry sector. Under this new price program, the brand will have three price points: $500 per carat for “I” and “J” colored stones, $600 per carat for “G” and “H” colored stones and $900 per carat for the highest quality stones of “D,” “E,” and “F” color, reduced from $1,500 per carat.

All diamonds produced by Lightbox have a guaranteed minimum clarity grade of “very good” cut and “VS” clarity, with the D, E and F stones having “excellent” cut.

Sandrine Conseiller, CEO of De Beers Brands, said the move to lower prices reflects the lower costs of producing lab-grown diamonds and the distinction between lab-grown and natural diamonds. “The price difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds at retail is growing fast, accelerating consumer awareness that they are fundamentally very different products.”

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