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Lisa Nik Tells of Photo Shoot and A Time for Creativity’ September 06, 2021 (0 comments)


Hollywood, CA--Jewelry retailers and designers are all often faced with the myriad decisions related to a product photo shoot. Designer Lisa Nik shared the thought process of her August 2021 photo shoot for her fall advertising campaign:

It’s the absence of activity that seems to cause the most creative energy to flow, for us. We had the incredible experience of shooting our latest advertising campaign during the month of August, and are now in the process of releasing the images to new and devoted collectors around the world.

Lisa Nik

Compelled to Share Story

So much time and effort goes on behind the scenes to create such a body of work that I am compelled to share our story. 

We worked with a fine art and portrait photographer in Hollywood for this project knowing that she would exhibit the unique skills that are required for jewelry photography being shot on a model. Michele Mattei, with her delightful French accent, and worldly experience, provided a special touch of sophistication along with super sharp images, soft light to showcase our gemstones, and a great deal of patience finding that special moment to snap. 

The day would not have been complete without the work of A-list celebrity styling team Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson.  We contemplated shooting the jewelry in still life shots without engaging stylists, but Jordan came into the shoot like a surgeon, carefully and methodically placing the perfect wardrobe pieces into position and giving the jewels exactly what we were looking for to embody the essence of luxury that our brand represents.

Model Shot from Shoot

Parts model Adele Uddo , with her porcelain-like skin, worked tirelessly with a high level of experience posing in a way that would present the jewelry in the most natural and flattering way. We are always concerned about making the jewelry the most important component of the shots, of course.

Makeup by Francesca Giaimo further helped achieve this goal with a natural look that highlights the jewelry.  We wanted this shoot to express that Lisa Nik is for every woman, and Adele enabled us to capture her, from daytime into evening, business to resort, and even a little rock and roll. 

For me, as a designer, this experience has been a turning point, forcing me to clearly define the direction of the brand and the aesthetic that is Lisa Nik.  The combination of bold, classical gold and diamond jewelry, with pops of colored gemstone jewels is the look and style that I create with my designs having every woman in mind.  Color has the power to affect our moods and emotions, and to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism.

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