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Loudr’s Katie Ulsch to Discuss Gen Z Marketing at AGS Conclave April 12, 2024 (0 comments)


Austin, TX--Katie Ulsch, Associate Creative Director at Loudr, is slated to present at the American Gem Society (AGS) Conclave on April 17, focusing on marketing to Gen Z within the jewelry industry.

[Screengrab via Loudr/Facebook]

Per a post by Loudr on Facebook, this session, part of an event organized by the American Gem Society, will explore the integration of traditional marketing with modern, social media-driven tactics.

Ulsch advocates a marketing shift towards authenticity and engagement rather than direct sales pitches. In the event's promotional video, she suggests that successful social media marketing hinges on building a community around a brand, which then naturally promotes products and services through trust and organic interactions.

According to Ulsch, effective engagement means listening to consumers' needs, responding to their comments, and delivering relevant content. This strategy leverages social media's power to amplify word-of-mouth and foster genuine connections, surpassing the impact of traditional advertising.

The presentation aims to equip attendees with strategies to attract a demographic that prioritizes transparency and genuine interaction in purchasing decisions.

See the video by Loudr here on Facebook.

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