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Lucy Platforms Announces New Diamond Price List June 17, 2021 (0 comments)


Ramat Gan, Israel--Tech company Lucy Platforms has announced the creation of a new diamond price list called the "Diamond Price List (DPL™)." Lucy has a long-term deal to do development work for the diamond marketplace, owned by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

Lucy Platforms released these details on DPL™ on June 17 in a letter from its VP Sales & Marketing, Miquel Martinez. The letter is below:

"I am incredibly pleased to be in touch to announce the launch of the all-new Diamond Price List (DPL™) - the most transparent, objective, reliable, and accurate polished diamond price guide to hit the market in decades. The DPL™, which openly publishes its methodology on the website, has been designed to enhance and make the pricing experience more efficient for YOU by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science algorithms, with practically no human intervention. Utilizing these technical advancements ensures an optimized price list that reflects the market in the most accurate and objective manner.
"The Diamond Price List™, has been developed by an independent, dedicated team of scientists and mathematicians from Lucy Platforms (, a company I have joined after spending close to 10 years in marketing and business development in the diamond industry.
"You will find the DPL™ to be the most robust price list, for its AI modeling uses the largest set of rich, quality data received from, including anonymous asking prices of over 1.3 million diamonds, from over 4,600 suppliers. It then collects representative pricing information from multiple, other data sources to determine the correlation between asking prices and reference prices.
"In conjunction with the Diamond Price List Website launch, a reference calculator mobile application, DPL™ Diamond Price Calculator, is being released and is available for download in the App Store and Google Play for all Apple and Android devices. The DPL™ Calculator helps simplify and condense the steps a diamantaire must normally take to achieve a final price. The innovative app features the ability to calculate diamond prices by selecting from a multitude of different parameters, allows the user to compare prices of various stones, view them in App, view price analytics, search GIA certificates, and makes it especially easy to share the most up to date results with colleagues and customers, amongst many other features.
"In addition, DPL™ will introduce the first ever, real-time global polished diamond demand and market insights report via its DPL™ Data Insights Platform. Also powered by the largest available data set of 1.3 million diamonds and more than 1 million stone searches, this new tool will report real time industry insights on market trends, pricing and more."
For further information on DPL™contact Martinez at

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