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Luminous Diamonds’ Ad Campaign Wins Clio; Brand Gears Up For Second-Year Consumer Push June 09, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Luminous Diamonds, the new diamond jewelry brand from ALROSA featuring fluorescent diamonds, has won a Clio Award, one of the top honors in the advertising industry. The concept of the video, using the famous song from David Bowie/Queen, is that women are often put under many kinds of pressure to be, say, do—or not do—something. While the pressure can be tough, it also is what creates beauty, uniqueness, and, of course, diamonds.  

The campaign taps into the global movement for female empowerment in a relevant way through the music and the imagery, which highlights women of a variety of ages, ethnicities, and occupations wearing Luminous Diamonds jewelry. Tying fluorescence as a diamond’s secret inner light to a woman’s inner strength offers the industry a new diamond concept and category to keep consumers engaged with natural diamonds, and so far the brand’s “Inner Light” messaging has resonated. The Luminous Diamonds brand includes three collections: Moonlight, Lucent, and Starlight, comprised of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings.

The “Made Under Pressure” video won a 2020 Clio Awards Bronze award. It was entered in the competition for Luminous Diamonds by its creator, the ad agency Laundry Service, Brooklyn, NY. The agency is part of the agency network Wasserman Media. The video was submitted in the category of Fashion & Beauty Marketing. 

The video (click here to watch) is housed on YouTube and is being pushed out via social media on both Instagram and Facebook, on both Luminous Diamonds’ branded platforms and retailers’ platforms. 

Image from Luminous Diamonds' Clio Award-winning ad campaign video. Click to watch.

Retailers are also able to use the video digitally, on specially-provided Amazon tablets that come from the company, with a stand for using either on countertop or in-case. At present, there’s no store tagging since video usage is only digital, says Rebecca Foerster, president of ALROSA USA.

Retailers are offered a variety of other marketing materials to support the brand: a hard-cover mini book, counterpads with a special UV light to show off the Luminous Diamonds’ fluorescence, a special proprietary box with UV lights to further show off the jewelry, and a retailer toolkit with various assets to use in marketing, based on the value of their open-to-buy.

The brand launched at the end of last year with a campaign in Harper’s Bazaar, both digital and print, Elle, The New York Times, and on various social media, and through influencers and celebrities. It will continue and expand this year. It was featured at the recent Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, AZ.

New this year, being finalized now, is an expanded influencer strategy that will include in-store activations, Tik-Tok videos, and much more content for multiple uses. The brand is working with a very famous high-end model and philanthropist to represent its brand tagline, “Follow Your Inner Light.” A number of prominent jewelers, including Hale's Jewelers in Greenville, SC; Lux, Bond & Green in CT; and others, are authorized retailers of the collection.

Hale's Jewelers, Greenville, SC, is one of a number of prominent retailers--such as New England's Lux, Bond, & Green, North Carolina's Windsor Jewelers, Florida's Underwood Jewelers--who are carrying the brand. Here, Hale's Luminous Diamonds billboard. 

For information, click here or call (212) 921-4300.

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