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Major Armenta Initiatives Focus Brand on Meaning, Lifestyle, Sustainability November 14, 2022 (0 comments)


Houston, TX--The world is changing daily and "XYZ" consumers see things very differently than the generations befoere them. Armenta is one fine jewelry brand that has worked hard to focus itself on key values such as meaning, customer lifestyle and sustainability, to assist its retail partners in capturing these up and coming generations.

Herewith a Q&A on the company's new initiatives with Armenta designer Emily Armenta:

The Centurion: Please provide some insight into your new approach to styling and merchandising and the names and meanings the new personas/lifestyles connect to each collection:

Emily Armenta: We developed an in-depth and comprehensive persona and lifestyle for each of our collections. In addition, we have created styling guidelines that are not only very simple but difficult to unsee once you have seen it. Now, anyone can merchandise, even in the absence of knowing the brand or receiving any training.

TC: Tell us about the new psychological and brand profile assessment?

EA: Armenta psychological and brand profile assessment - this test (which can be given to anyone) was not only developed to improve the brand experience but also provides a psychological assessment tool which reveals a person's unique Armenta profile. The profile provides the recipe to know how to optimize and blend collections so that we can curate strong assortments that speak to the audience and your personal style.

TC: We understand you have also created a 'Wheel of Life.' Tell us about it.

EA: In evolving more meaningful personalization - we have created a LIY “Learn-It-Yourself” program that incorporates the Wheel of Life, your astrological color, and the psychology of how the brain processes color. Through this program we also educate consumers on how the brain processes various colors and the meaning behind the colors. This allows clients to understand the importance and significance of the selections they make when creating their own unique style and what it communicates about them.

TC: Tell us about the new "Armenta Army" and what it stands for? 

EA: Armenta Army is a major effort. We created a platform for circular innovation. The mission is to keep fashion out of landfills, remanufacture upcycled materials to deliver sustainable products, empower women by providing employment for those in disadvantage circumstances and from the sex trade, build a community that educates consumers on the importance of social and environmental initiatives, and reward and recognize those individuals who take action towards positive change. Join our efforts by donating unwanted clothes or textiles that we will proudly upcycle & repurpose to prevent from going into landfills. Shop sustainable, choosing upcycled accessories to Style With Purpose. Your rank is recognized by pins & patches you earn within our Armenta Army community as you Make Your Mark toward positive change.


TC: Is there anything new for Retailers such as tie-in live events?

EA: "Yes. New, interactive events with retailers have also been an important part of Armenta's focus. We have created a platform for interactive trunk show events that serve a higher purpose than just purchasing a piece of jewelry from the event. We're using our position of influence and asking customers to take action by doing one or all of the following: donate waste or discarded textiles, purchase our upcycled items, bring a friend & join our community. We are providing donation depository boxes in-store for customers to bring in unwanted items for us to repurpose & divert unwanted textiles. The Armenta Army is fighting to be a catalyst for positive change & we are excited to make a difference in the communities of our retail partners & customers. Sustainability matters & responsible choices have never been more important.

TC: We understand you also have a new App coming soon?

EA: "Yes. The Armenta app was created for customers to track their individual progress and contribution to the Armenta Army. It tracks the positive social and environmental impact that each of our customers have made by joining our Army and taking action. They can see how much waste they have personally diverted from the landfill, how many people they have influenced through education and building awareness, and how much money they have raised for these positive initiatives by purchasing our upcycled and recycled items.

TC: Have you extended the brand beyond fine jewelry?

EA: Yes. Apparel and small leather goods are now part of the collection. We have developed a line of upcycled high-end apparel and small leather goods to divert waste from going into the landfill. We were able to achieve styles that reflect a couture aesthetic while utilizing discarded items by developing unique designs, innovation of our team, creative manufacturing process, and through donations of discarded items.

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