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Greenwich St. Jewelers Defy Odds: A Tale of Survival and Service October 20, 2023 (0 comments)


Greenwich, CT--Greenwich St. Jewelers embarked on their journey in 1976, founded by two Puerto Rican immigrants in downtown Manhattan.

[Image via Greenwich St.Jewelers]

Their initial setup stood close to landmarks like the New York Stock Exchange and the then-newly constructed World Trade Center.

According to an NRF report, Jennifer Gandia, the co-owner, said that their core business revolved around services such as jewelry repair, restyling, and, later, custom design. With time, they expanded, offering premium jewelry displayed in the store's front cases.

Tragically, their establishment took a hit during the 9/11 attacks, necessitating a closure that lasted ten months. Despite the challenges, Gandia's parents remained in the familiar neighborhood, reopening a stone's throw away from their original location.

Their decision came when many businesses were relocating away from the affected area. This unyielding spirit saw them weather other storms, including Hurricane Sandy, the 2008 financial downturn, and the recent global pandemic.

Jennifer believes their tenacity stems from an inherent survival instinct in immigrant families. She and her sister, Christine's stewardship of the family business, also emphasizes innovation without compromising their foundational values.

During the pandemic's height, they quickly pivoted, equipping their team with updated technology and fostering digital communication skills. Their e-commerce platform, introduced in 2006, took on increased significance as they navigated the challenges of COVID-19.

While technology became a focal point, Gandia stresses that personal touch remains paramount; their live chat, for instance, connects customers to in-store sales professionals rather than relying on AI.

For a deeper dive into the legacy of Greenwich St. Jewelers and their commitment to ethics and customer service, tune in to the latest episode of Retail Gets Real.

Learn more in the entire NRF report.

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