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Marla Aaron Unveils Unique Piece with 10 Carats of Natural Pink Diamonds: Images September 28, 2022 (0 comments)

Marla Aaron piece

New York, NY--New York jewelry designer Marla Aaron unveiled exclusively to Only Natural Diamonds the rarest and most valuable version of her iconic lock design, complete with natural pink diamonds. Her first lock and indeed first collection launched in 2012 when her "combined obsessions with bridges, hardware, and jewelry could no longer be ignored."

[Main image via Marla Aaron]

The collection started as a single lock, a deceivingly complex feat to engineer in precious metals and gems, and has grown into a vast array, sought after all over the world. The lock design, paired with other pieces in her collection, allows for infinite wearable possibilities. Marla's locks have expanded into seemingly unlimited versions in the last few years, including multiple sizes and shapes, covered in precious stones, hand engraved, and so on. 

[Image source: Courtesy of Marla Aaron]

A year in the making, the one-of-a-kind lock is teardrop shaped, set in platinum, and completely covered in ten carats of shades of natural pink to purple diamonds. Each natural color diamond is a different size and shape—cushion, round, marquis, emerald, rose cut, and pears. Setting diamonds on a curved surface such as this is a unique difficulty. Still, it is much more complex when all diamonds are different sizes and shapes, let alone incredibly valuable.

Every stone had to be 3D scanned and thoughtfully set as if assembling a puzzle. As if the lock itself were not enough, in typical Marla Aaron fashion, the piece includes a pink opal and rose gold cylinder with the most significant of the stones. The lock and cylinder are worn on a thirty-inch, handmade biker chain in half platinum and half rose gold. Like most of Marla Aaron's pieces, this one can be worn in multiple ways, depending on the owner's mood. It is all housed in a beautiful, custom-made pink lambskin and suede box. 

Marla said regarding the design, "someone could wear it "casually" but just as easily wear it to accept an Oscar— that it was both functional and maximal, could be discreet and over the top." 

This exceptional piece of jewelry was born from a rare collaboration between a jewelry designer and a retail jewelry store. Columbus, Ohio-based luxury jeweler D.C. Johnson Ltd is a third-generation jewelry retailer with an appreciation for the fine and rare. Part of D.C. Johnson Ltd's passion is "emerging talent that is redefining tradition." Their specialty is "jewelry and timepieces that become a part of your story and expression of who you are…to introduce you to pieces you never knew you couldn't live without." Marla Aaron's unique design aesthetic clearly fits with the jewelers' approach so much that owner David Johnson supplied Marla with the ten carats of natural pink and purple diamonds used to make this spectacular piece. 

[Image source: Courtesy of Marla Aaron]

"This was a large parcel of natural pink diamonds of assorted shapes, cutting styles, sizes, and colors. That's what intrigued me the most about the parcel, but I also knew it would be a huge challenge to create a single piece that used all of the diamonds and best told their story. When I saw Marla's stone locks 4+ years ago, I became obsessed with the idea of having a lock made with these diamonds. Marla has outdone herself, and the piece is simply extraordinary," said David Johnson.

Marla shared, "when David handed me this bag of stones last year and told me to do whatever I wanted, I have to admit I knew very quickly what I wanted to do— a modern parure for a woman who would want to wear this piece in her life — formal to casual. Long, short, perhaps add other meaningful pieces that may or may not be precious to anyone but her. Functional, maximal, precious, one-of-a-kind. A modern treasure that will be passed down. A one-of-a-kind opportunity for us that I am forever grateful for."

Although the exceptional piece was just completed, it is likely already sold by D.C. Johnson Ltd to a fan of Marla's work. Someone who took the opportunity to invest in a one-of-a-kind piece with extreme rarity and everyday wearability.

This article was originally published on Natural Diamonds and has been republished with permission.

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