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Martha Lee’s Jewelry Relocates to South Knoxville, Strengthening Community Ties December 29, 2023 (0 comments)


South Knoxville, TN--Martha Lee's Jewelry has moved to South Knoxville, marking a return to the roots of its owner, Terry Merianos. This relocation is a homecoming for Merianos, whose mother, Martha Beeler, initiated the business in North Knoxville in 1977, specializing in Tennessee pearls. Merianos, who took over in 1980, has a deep connection with South Knoxville, having grown up and commenced her career there.

[Image via Martha Lee's Jewelry/Facebook]

The shop's relocation resonates with Merianos' journey, according to the article. "Country roads brought me home and returned me to my roots," Merianos said in a report published in Knoxville Focus. "I am thrilled to be back in this part of town, embracing my community, seeing old classmates, and learning about their lives."

Martha Lee's Jewelry, established as a full-service neighborhood jeweler, offers natural and vintage costume jewelry to fine jewelry, gold, pearls, diamonds, sterling silver, Native American pieces, and custom designs. The shop is staffed with seasoned professionals, including jeweler Ray, who brings 45 years of expertise, and Merianos' niece, Anastasia Merianos.

Merianos' enthusiasm for vintage jewelry is central to her business philosophy. She believes in the enduring value of each piece, noting, "Every piece has a story behind it and can be passed down through the generations to be enjoyed for years to come," she noted in the report.

The business, having nurtured generational customers over 45 years at its previous location, aims to continue this legacy at the new site. Merianos says she hopes to foster similar relationships in South Knoxville, where she feels a strong sense of belonging and purpose.

Merianos' vision extends beyond commerce to community building. She asserts the importance of small businesses in strengthening community ties and urges support for local enterprises. "I'm hoping we can keep it rural while bringing more retail to the area, as supporting community businesses is essential for building healthy neighborhoods," she said in the report.

Martha Lee's Jewelry, located at 3508-C Maryville Pike, also features a booth at Retrospect Vintage on Central St. 

Learn more in the entire report on Knoxville Focus.

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