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Mejuri Embarks on Expansive Growth with New Outlets, Mobile App, and Loyalty Scheme September 18, 2023 (0 comments)


Toronto, ON--Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri is fast-tracking its evolution, underpinned by the unveiling of additional stores, a  mobile app and a loyalty program, all directed towards turbocharging its D2C brand trajectory.

[Image via Glossy]

According to a report in Glossy, having successfully amassed over $100 million in investment, notably from heavyweights like Felix Capital, Mejuri has been judiciously channeling these funds into recruitment and retail expansion.

With a workforce nearing 600 – 70% of whom are women – the brand currently has 24 storefronts spanning the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. and has set its sights on reaching a tally of 29 by year-end.

The report noted that the past week witnessed the much-anticipated release of Mejuri's mobile application, a notable augmentation to its digital retail sphere.

Majed Masad, Mejuri's co-founder, revealed in the report that while the concept of a mobile app was on the cards since the brand's inception in 2013, its realization took a backseat as emphasis was laid on perfecting e-commerce and physical retail strategies.

"We wanted to do it right," Masad said, per the report. "We didn't want to just replicate the website, because that wouldn't add value. Personalization by recommending items that go well with what people have bought is what sets the app apart from our online store."

The report added that the app has been sculpted considering Mejuri's cadre of devoted clientele. Boasting an annual customer base of 2 million, a staggering 50% of Mejuri's turnover stems from returning buyers.

Despite not yet being in the green, Masad is optimistic about Mejuri inching closer to profitability with each passing quarter.

The week also saw the inauguration of Mejuri's loyalty program, aimed at amplifying customer engagement. Spearheaded by Elaine Shum, the brand's VP of insight and design, extensive consultations were held with its patrons to discern their loyalty program aspirations.

Learn more in the Glossy report.

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