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Memphis Jewelry Store Targeted in ‘Crash-and-Grab’ Heist September 19, 2023 (0 comments)


Memphis, TN--A jewelry store became the recent target in a string of 'crash-and-grab' thefts when burglars used a stolen car to smash their way inside.

[Image via FOX 13 Memphis]

According to a FOX 13 Memphis report, at around 2:30 am on Thursday, the criminals reportedly drove a Chevy Malibu into MUFASA Memphis Jeweler, located on Getwell Road, using the car's rear to break through the store's front windows. 

The vehicle, per the Memphis Police Department (MPD), was confirmed to have been stolen and was abandoned at the scene following the crime, the report stated.

The report noted that while it's still undetermined exactly what items were taken from the store, the incident marks the continuation of a growing crime trend in the Memphis area. 

Over the past few months, multiple businesses, from jewelry stores to liquor shops, have fallen victim to this modus operandi. Thieves utilize vehicles or heavy tools to breach store entrances, swiftly looting before making a quick getaway.

Per the report, Memphis Police continue investigating this incident, and the broader spree of crash-and-grab thefts, businesses and the local community remain on high alert.

Learn more in the entire FOX 13 Memphis report.

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